ISC Building Materials supplies premium metal framing and accessories. Metal framing offers light-weight designs coupled with additional strength for commercial building endeavors. ISC partners with quality metal framing suppliers and delivers quality metal framing materials to your jobsite, where you need it (up to 10 stories high) and when you need it.

  • Drywall Studs and Track
  • Structural Studs and Track
  • Furring Channels
  • Casing Bead-Expansion and control
  • Shaft wall Studs and Track
  • Metal Framing Clips and Anchors
  • Metal Fasteners

*Variety of sizes available upon request, 12GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA, and 25GA  

Give our experienced staff a call today to find all your metal framing materials under one roof – and then we’ll deliver them to yours. 

  • Cemco
  • Clark Dietrich
  • MBA Metal Framing
  • Mill Steel
  • Telling Industries
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